Temporary Resident Visa

A temporary resident visa (TRV) is an official document, facilitated by TRV consultants, that is affixed to your passport by the visa office. It serves as proof that you meet the criteria to enter another country temporarily, whether as a visitor, student, or worker. Individuals planning a vacation, family visit, or business trip to another country should apply for a TRV before their arrival. However, it's crucial to note that TRVs come with various limitations that vary depending on the circumstances, highlighting the importance of seeking assistance from knowledgeable consultants for a smoother process and better comprehension. Parents and grandparents seeking to stay in Canada for six months or less should apply for a regular visitor visa instead. To qualify for the Super Visa, applicants must be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and obtain a signed invitation letter from their child or grandchild residing in Canada.

ELIGIBILITY: To obtain a TRV, you must satisfy specific criteria set by immigration authorities.