Owner Operator

Canada has a robust and efficient immigration system with numerous federal and provincial immigration programs for skilled works. And it’s Owner-Operator LMIA Work Permit for Foreign Entrepreneurs. If federal programs don’t match your requirements and if PNP two-step Entrepreneur streams are too slow or too complicated for your business plans, then you can explore the Owner-Operator LMIA Work Permit route to setup and run a business in Canada.

The owner-operator work permit route is a two-step program where an initial work permit serves as the platform to become a permanent resident of Canada. The Owner-Operator LMIA route involves the following steps.

The Owner-Operator LMIA work permit route offers some significant advantages as compared to applying through entrepreneur streams of provincial nomination programs.

The Owner-Operator LMIA is processed through the Federal program for temporary foreign workers. Further, you can apply for PR through the Federal route, which means you are free to settle in any province of your choice. A PNP applicant will have to necessarily settle in that specific province regardless of whether there are better opportunities in other provinces.