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Invest in Australia

188a Visa Business Innovation Stream
Entry Requirements
For business owners who have an ownership interest in a business (or businesses) with a turnover of at least AUD$500,000 in 2 of last 4 years. Have a business and personal assets of AUD$800,000.
Requirement over 4 years
Have an ownership interest (and continue to have an ownership interest) and a direct and continuous management role in an actively operating main business (or main businesses) in Australia for the two years immediately before applying for a permanent visa had an annual turnover of at least AUD$300000 from the main business (or businesses) in the 12 months before applying for PR and two of the following requirements:
A net value of business assets of at least AUD$200000 in business throughout the year immediately before applying for PR


A net value of personal and business assets of at least AUD$600000 throughout the year immediately before applying for PR employed at least the equivalent of two full-time employees in your main business (or main businesses), throughout the year immediately before applying for PR who are: Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, or holders of valid New Zealand passports not family members.
188b Investor Stream
Entry Requirements
For investors or business owners. Investors need to have managed $1.5 million in investments in 1 of last 5 years. In last two years must have legally acquired net business, investment and personal assets of at least AUD2.25 million Requirement over 4 years
Invest AUD$1.5 million into government bonds (average return 2.00+%)
Either primary or secondary adult applicant must spend 2 years (in 4) in Australia Meet Points test
188c Significant Investor Stream
Entry Requirement
Must have AUD$5million legally acquired to invest into complying investments in Australia ( we work with companies offering these investments and very good commissions to share on 50:50 basis with you).